A downloadable map for Windows, macOS, and Linux

To find the challenge, go behind the Slime Science Labs and find the cave to the left of the pool. This map was tested with full Jetpack upgrades, it may not be possible without them.

This map requires downloading & installing the BetterBuild Mod before use.


Created by:


Let me know if you make a video with this mod by linking it in the comments below!

Published Apr 13, 2017
CategoryGame mod
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux

Install instructions

Once you have downloaded this file, put it in Steam Library\steamapps\common\Slime Rancher\Mods\BetterBuild


Quantum Caves of Doom.data 47 kB


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I start doing the challenge at Click here and it will take you to when I started doing your challenge. I really liked the rest of the map and, good job with that challenge.

I think you also made a map that Josh checked out! Can I try it myself pls?

The world is on the betterbuild discord. You need member to actually find it though.