The Fish are HUNGRY!     They follow your mouse (or finger) to eat the dots.      Then they get bigger.     Eating a whole group of other fish lets them lay eggs.


-- Fish move towards your Mouse/Touch

--Left Click or Tap = Dash

--Escape Key = Pause

Made by JoshFTL and Lexie

Fish Art by Ansimuz

Twitter: @GamingFTL



Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tagsfish, growing, io
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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This game is pretty good one its like rightclick to necromance i think it would be awsome if there were diffrent animals to use like sharks or orcas and mabey more leves since there only 4 leves for the fish.

its like right-click-to-necromance

oh, its a browser based game. any way to make it playable on the app/launcher?

oh haha missed this message, I can definitely make it available for the app. That will probably happen with the next update :)

it doesn't work. game will launch but it will be stuck in a black screen, no matter what i do. also the local files doesn't have a launchable file (for example an application file.)

Thanks for letting me know. What browser are you using and on what operating system? There are no application files for this game at the moment.

Nice Game!. i have tried to make html games before and ihave never made anythin close to

this game.

I found it ran slowly on my phone and the tap controls aren't very responsive. I struggled to dash a lot more when my school got massive and the game appeared to lag quite a bit. My fish struggled to level and I could see pathways that bigger schools of fish made in the food. 

Some schools seemed to be small enough for me to take out but would half my numbers. Trying to get the smallest fish to level gets harder as the school gets bigger. Also my fully leveled fish are so slow and often fall behind at the back, leveling my littler guys exposed like cannon fodder. 

I love the concept and would love more artwork to look at. Cute little animations for leveling would be good at some point and maybe seeing the numbers of your school would be useful. 

I can't wait to see what you do with these little fishy squishies. 

Thank you for the detailed feedback, it's really helpful! For the next version i'm  changing quite a lot that should address most of the problems you had and make the game more fun! Better art might be a while away because it's just two of us and neither are artists, haha. ;)

Nice little game, feels good to grow your pack, become laggy when you reach big sizes. I had some fishes that doesn't upgrade properly, then skipped a tier. I had some that weren't able reach reach max tier.

Thanks for telling me. hopefully the lag and the fish leveling properly will be fixed for the next version!

this is actually really well made! The only thing i recommend is more veriety and maybe a map select, plus a sandy bottom of the map with crabs and stuff.

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hey Josh , i have a lot of ideas. I have for you  an eel and an suport fish and i really want to accept my ideas

PS: you are my favorite youtuber

hey you did a amazing job at this!! i also wanted to say i make and code games to so if you like you can take a look at them just click my icon. your awsome...

Hey Josh , can i help with some of the designs ? i have draw a pixelated shark model for you and i cant put a picture here cause idk why is it slow af can i email you ? 

Hi! Thanks for the offer, but I've already got someone doing art for me. I'd still love to see your shark if you want to share it on my discord server in the #fan_creations chat, that would be awesome!

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Well Im not sure how it stacks up but I can usually get to about 1240pts before there are so many enemies spawning that I lag out so bad that my fish stop following my mouse and just kinda go where they want. Im  not sure what would cause it, but honestly I love the game so far, Im just glad its not multiplayer with a leaderboard like some of the other .io games LOL


Im playing on PC by the way


There is a problem when I play on my phone where if I reposition my finger I can’t control the fish anymore and the lag when you get a big school of fish is crazy


I only have two problems, I'm playing on the phone, everything button-wise is fine, but over time the game gets SUPER slow. And I'm sure your already working on music but that would be awesome!

PS. Will we be able to download the game at some point for phones?


Yea after a while there are LOTS of fish and it slows the game down. I'll have to work on that. The music might take a while but it's definitely coming!

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I am lagging with 5 fish on the screen (Im on android) :c

Ps: How can you even pause on a android or on phone or on ...?

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Can you make powerups? Like a shield or a speed boost, And maybe a boss (giant fish) that will spawn some time into the game. More fish would be cool but you're already adding that. Maybe like a pufferfish that becomes large when its attacked, and a shark as the boss? You should maybe add sand on the bottom or somethin and if you go deep enough you will find special fish? I know i am asking much but i hope you will add some of my suggestions, Bye Great game btw!